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If you are looking for some inspiration for a autum-winter collection take a peek at this blog .chocolate circus., beautifull photographs on the every day life of a Finland family, lots of material for color, texture and more.

What a warm & cossy world, it just made me want to go live in Finland and let me tell you that I hate the cold weather. It’s a petty I don’t know any finlandese and don’t understand what she writes about but I think her pictures speak for themselves.



One of the most inspiring clothing lines I have found in a long time is WADDLER, they are inspiring in every possible way, 100% baby alpaca wool clothing, handmade by the knitters in Bolivia that have passed their know-how from generation to generation. Promoters of sustainable production and fair trade are also respectful of nature and most importantly of childrens right to immagine, play and move freely.

Their most beautifull garment has to be the Wolf & Bear hooded jumper with ears to give a little help to the creative minds of the little ones and transport them into the wild.

I believe the immages speak for themselves… let your immagination wonder

Take some time and get inspired but don’t doubt to go visit and get to know this amazing brand that has celebrated it’s 1st birthday just a few days ago. 

I leave you now with a pair of beautifull pictures of the Bolivian waddler knitters.

Dreaming Birds Mobile. Hand Made by ODIPO

Winter Tales knitwear sweater and booties. Hand Made by ODIPO

tixinda- finding at fusion méxican little market

Fusion is a little market that goes around Mexico City, all of the products are a 100% Mexico made and you get to meet the designers and creators because they are there to help you out. I went to the last one that took place in front of the museum of anthropology this week-end to find new talents and I did!

TIXINDA is a brand created by 2 young designers Eric Morales that likes to be called “Dr. Morbito” and Anabel Vanoni. Their idea is that with their design they want to rescue the values of ethnic and indigena culture identity. In order to do this they have created some characters that I am going to introduce to you.



This are their principal characters you can find them on printed tees, cushions, toys and also plush. To make this plush they got together with another mexican artist Piti Piti who creates plush almost out of anything you can think of. Each of the characters has a magical power, for example to help you sleep well.

TIXINDA also has all-over graphics from witch they make…books, pencil cases, printed cushions and more.

I really want to congratulate this young mexican designers for creating such up to date image on the believes and values of the mexican culture.

You can find and shop any of their creations and more at:


musical train

Young Italian Designer Ricardo Seola won the IF Concept Award 2010 with it’s project “Original Sound Track”. He wanted to develop an educational toy with music.

For more info on the project:


vintage therapeutic design toys

Toy designer Renate Müller has been designing and hand-making toys for kids in the same way since 1967, they are a collectors must.  Each animal is individually sewn by the designer, they are also filled with natural materials taking into very close attention quality and durability.

Müller came from a family of toy makers and studied Toy design in Germany. In the very begginings Müller was asked to create suitable toys for children with physical and occupational disabilities to use as therapeutic tool. She spent years perfecting the toys through testing, research and internships at institutions. The mixing in a perfect way of different tactile materials such as jute and vinyl, the shapes, the perfect construction and the complete safety the toys offer have been lauded by pediatric orthopedic and neuropsychiatry clinics throughout Europe and Japan.

Toy’s where design from the 1967’s until 1970’s for a toy factory of the family after the fall of the wall of Berlin, in 1991 Müller bought her designs back and has been making them by hand in her own workshop in an artisan way.

NYC - r20thcentury design gallery at the moment is offering a solo exhibition on Ranet Müller’s work throughout her life, that will be open from October 12, 2010 until  January 4, 2011.

Exhibition info: http://www.r20thcentury.com/exhibition_detail.cfm?id=71&extoGet=all&designer_id=38

Video from Ranet Müller studio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4RBDV0ANRE

suspended cradle by leander

I had already write about Leander furniture for kids, I had talked about their crib, this time I wanted to present to you with their cradle. It is a beautiful simple design quite minimal cradle that balances either from the roof or from a base you can find at their website it stimulates the child’s development.

A single suspension point provides free movement, and helps the child to find balance with it’s own movements this to simulate and develop movement abilities and let the child be conscious about how their movements affect their environment.

Distance from floor is easily regulated and everything is made in material that are Eco-Tex 100 cotton, washable at 60°.

(Source: leanderdesign.com)

cardboard is a trend

I have found almost anything made out of cardboard from carpets, fake taxidermy animal heads to hang on walls, to chairs to toys anything you can think of.

It is a material that is 100% biodegradable and it can also be easily recycled and reused, so it has a very low impact on the environment. I believe is the perfect material for kids cause thanks to it’s low weight  is easy to handle, it also has a short life cycle and as we know kids use things only for a couple of years. So here are some things made out of cardboard that your kid will absolutely find to be so much fun.

Paperpod cardboard doll-house is made out entirely from recycled cardboard, it is assembled easily and the great thing about this is that can be customized as much as you’d like with markers, paint or stickers.

You can find it at: http:/http://www.paperpod.co.uk/

Kidsonroof casa cabana cardboard house and it character totems all made in recycled cardboard, the figurines are colored on one side and white on the other just in case your little ones want to create a new style of duck or bunny. The cabana cardboard can be found in complete white or also ass seen in the picture with some prints all ready on them.

You can find it at: //www.kidsonroof.com/

Cardboard safari, perfect for decorating a boy’s room.

Find them on: http://www.cardboardsafari.com/

Green Lullaby Cardboard Cradle, eco-design easy to build, light weight and carries a maximum load of 50 kg so you don’t have to worry about safety. On the website you can also find a smaller cradle made for dolls!

You can find it at: http://www.green-lullaby.com/

Trojan Horse White by Kids on the roof is made completely out of cardboard.

You can find it at: http://www.kidsonroof.com/

David Grass is an independent product designer in Amsterdam.  He produces his designs under his own management in small numbers, with local resources and taking into consideration to produce less waste as possible.

You can find it’s products at: http://www.davidgraas.com/

Eco-friendly cribs by album di famiglia italian design brand.

Find more info at: http://www.albumdifamiglia.com/