les zigouis.freelance designer

Barbara Berrada french based freelance creator,I say creator because she is a multi-facetted artist from photography, fashion stylist, grafic design and all the way to painting, has an online personal store where you can buy her creations mostly handmade by herlself. The name of her brand is les ZIGOUIS here below you can see some pictures from her fall-winter 2011 collection.

On the online store you can also find some of her photographs on sale, at the moment mainly polaroid compositions, graphics and more.

She also keeps a blog where you can see a lot more about her creations and her self.

Dreaming Birds Mobile. Hand Made by ODIPO

Winter Tales knitwear sweater and booties. Hand Made by ODIPO

vintage therapeutic design toys

Toy designer Renate Müller has been designing and hand-making toys for kids in the same way since 1967, they are a collectors must.  Each animal is individually sewn by the designer, they are also filled with natural materials taking into very close attention quality and durability.

Müller came from a family of toy makers and studied Toy design in Germany. In the very begginings Müller was asked to create suitable toys for children with physical and occupational disabilities to use as therapeutic tool. She spent years perfecting the toys through testing, research and internships at institutions. The mixing in a perfect way of different tactile materials such as jute and vinyl, the shapes, the perfect construction and the complete safety the toys offer have been lauded by pediatric orthopedic and neuropsychiatry clinics throughout Europe and Japan.

Toy’s where design from the 1967’s until 1970’s for a toy factory of the family after the fall of the wall of Berlin, in 1991 Müller bought her designs back and has been making them by hand in her own workshop in an artisan way.

NYC - r20thcentury design gallery at the moment is offering a solo exhibition on Ranet Müller’s work throughout her life, that will be open from October 12, 2010 until  January 4, 2011.

Exhibition info: http://www.r20thcentury.com/exhibition_detail.cfm?id=71&extoGet=all&designer_id=38

Video from Ranet Müller studio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4RBDV0ANRE

kids, animals and clothes the 3 things I love

I found this site with beautiful Tees’ printed with animals for kiddos! The designer Kristin Loffer Theiss and its brand kltworks is great.

He makes not only tees but lots of different products designed for kids with modern yet quite classic sketches of animals, he also makes fun cushion pets to decorate a room and also nursery mobiles.

You can find more about his designs and products on his webpage: