Dancing with my Princess

Here in Italy Mothers day is celebraten the second Sunday of May, but in México (where I come from) Mothers Day is on the 10th of May, that is why for me Mothers Day will allways be on the 10th of May. This year it was the 1st time I felt like celebrating, i had Cloe at home that morning with a little flu so as all playing starts arround here Cloe went inside my wardrobe to look for my headbands, that she uses like Princes crowns, and put it on. Whenever she does this she runs to search me and makes a big -TAADDAAAA- when she has found me. So when I saw I could not do anything else than to help myself to a Crown and then dress Cloe  and myself up in breautifull dresses. I put on some music and started dancing arround……. Thank you Cloe for the best Mothers day ever!


I made the first 2 photos of my daughter on April 2012, exactly a year ago. Both pictures were loaded onto my personal portfolio in Internet where I offer my services as a free-lance children accesories designer, and several months later they were loaded onto my instagram account @regina_rangelmimage


Today I saw this image below and I felt that an idea was stolen from me! This is a photo from the new add-campaign of DVF new SS2013 collection at  GapKids.


I had some mixed feelings about this, on one side I felt proud - Yeah!!GapKids got inspired by my work!- and on the other side I felt something like betrayed by this new society, where the people with talent and ideas are at home writing blogs about their passions and without work, and certainly are not paid by Mega Coorporations for their ideas.

It may be just a coincidence….. or not!

So GapKids….. if you like something you see, make me part of your work force. I am avaliable!

19 april 2013 ——— 13:47

Discussing about this post with the blogger from Kickan & Conkers (http://kickcanandconkers.blogspot.it/) something emerged that I would like to share with you:

1. I myself got inspired by the image of Zoe de la cases’ (http://shop.zoedelascases.com/) of the girl with the little bird on the head to create this set of portraits that I made for personal uses for my little girls bedroom, I want to point out that first of all I did not know who’s it was, I had seen it in a picture of a bedroom, and that is why I had not given her credit and second this was the reason why I had not made them public on my blog or pinterest, because I did not feel it was the right thing to do. Anyway I believe the big difference is that I am not cashing in on someone elses work and ideas.

2. I also want to point out that what bothers me is not this little incident, what bothers me is the general picture. I used to work for a Mega Coorporation where “getting inspiration form internet and from things allready made” was a must, one as a designer could not propose something that was not allready made and was allready working on the market. This is killing creativity at it’s core and killing it from the ones that have the power and money to support talent, and instead of investing on people they kill their creative souls.

I also wanted to open a debate on the limits between getting inspiration and copying, where one end’s and the other one begins? ….. once someone told me that for an object there had to be 7 differences …. example…. a bag could have the same shape but diferent color, material, size, metal accesories, stitches, linning, price and you could not call it a copy!

What do you think?

Cloe’s 1º Birthday Party!

Last Summer we celebrated Cloe’s 1º Birthday, it was a beautifull day. Here are some photos!

Carnevale a Venezia

For this years Venice Carnival I just had to make my own costumes for my family, since in the market you cannot find anything decent! I got really inspired by Pierrot a Caracter from the Commedia Italiana by Goldoni and also by the look of those Vintage Clown costumes from the 20’s.

the glow.blog

Painter, Designer, Photographer moms mostly living in NY sharing their everyday life with us. Trough the website THE GLOW they let us enter their homes and take a glimpse on what motherhood is about, great interviews and photographs by Kelly Stuart, enter their dream-like lifes where everything has a glow arround!

On this website you not only get to see beautifull photos but also great decor, and fashion style, you get the info on favourite children brands from clothing to toys, books, furniture and more. Here are some of my favourite photos form the website.

Zoë Buckman, photographer & Cleo

Christiane Lemieux, owner Dwell Studio & Kids

Cynthia Rowley designer  &  kids

Athena Calderone interior designerson, Jivan

Jemima Kirke painter  & daughter, Rafaella

Laura Garcia design consultantdaughter, Georgiana

Jeanann Williams pr director, True Religion &  daughter, Ruby

Ramya Giangola founder, Gogoluxe &  daughter, Chiara

Lynn Ban designerson, Sebastian

Jenne Lombardo founder, The Terminal Presents &  kids

Meredith Kahn designer, Made Her Think &  daughter, Grayson

Ana Lerario-Geller designer, Lerario Beatriz &  daughter, Luna

Lauren Moffatt designerdaughter, Stella

esp no.1-brand

Let me tell you about brand ESP No.1, is not everywhere you can find modern unisex clothing for children?

For this brand “LESS IS MORE”  you can se their clean, classic and versatile clothing and as I quote from their webpage "We want kids to look cool without overdoing it" and let me tell you this is a very hard thing to do!!

Their Pre-Spring 2012 collection is great, unisex overdyed collorfull jeans, the classic 5-pocket styling narrow leg fit with adjustable waistband. Here below you can se the collection that is allready on sale at the online shop.

TOMS SHOES. you buy one pair they give one pair to a poor child

toms shoes.born for charity

TOMS SHOES was created by american Blake Mycoskie who wanting to help poor comunities in Argentina where children would grow up without shoes decided to create a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. That is what the One for One Movement of TOMS SHOES is all about you buy one pair they give one pair to a poor kid!

They are also soooo cute and cool shoes!! LOVE THEM and I ‘am goig to buy a pair right away. I am trilled about the idea that my little girl could make her first steps in this shoes.


It’s begginig to look a lot like christmas!

It’s begginig to look a lot like christmas!